Control Those Portions and Lose Weight Speak With Blaine

Control Those Portions and Lose Weight Speak With Blaine

People who want to lose weight will most likely incorporate a proper diet and daily exercise into their lives. This is a great way to start losing those pounds. Did you know that even though you may be eating less fattening food; you still need to control your portions to help aid in weight loss? Just because you are eating foods that are healthy or lower in fat doesn’t mean that you can consume as much as you want of that specific food. You can have a lower calorie diet, but when you are eating more of what the suggested serving is you are actually consuming more calories.
There are some things to keep in mind in regards to what a proper portion is. A single serving of meat is not actually the size of that t-bone steak you can polish off in one sitting. A single serving of meat is typically the size of the palm of your hand. Just the palm, not the fingers too! Eating anything larger than the size of the palm of your hand and you are eating more than a single serving of that meat.

Did you know that a single serving of a fruit or vegetable is typically the size of your fist? Yes, fruits and vegetables are very good for you and you should eat them with all of your meals. Just remember that the size of your fist is a good indicator as to how many vegetables or fruits you will serve yourself. A potato is a different story however. They are vegetables and one would think that one serving of a potato is the size of your fist, but potatoes are different. One serving of a potato is equal to about the size of your computer mouse. If you are eating a potato that is larger than your computer mouse, then you are most likely eating more than one serving of potatoes at that meal.

Before you scoop that pasta onto your plate, see if you have an ice cream scooper available. Scoop the pasta out with one scoop of your ice cream scooper and you have one serving of pasta. It doesn’t seem like much does it? That is one serving of pasta however. Most people don’t realize when they are filling their plates with pasta just what size one serving is. Once you realize how much pasta can be scooped with an ice cream scooper, you can eventually start eyeballing how much you put on your plate for a serving. If you have the equivalent to what you would have using an ice cream scooper you should have one serving of pasta!

Last but not least, breakfast foods: Pancakes specifically. They are so delicious one could polish off several in one sitting. Did you know that a pancake should be the size of a compact disc and one pancake of this size is considered a single serving? The next time you eat pancakes, try to make them the size of all of your CD’s and try to limit yourself to one serving at a time.

Many people don’t realize as they are dishing up their plates for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, that they are really serving themselves much more than one serving of everything. Learning to control portions can help in weight loss. Of course, you can measure everything you eat according to what the serving size is on the package. That is the best way to control portions. Let’s face it though, measuring and weighing everything you eat isn’t exactly the handiest thing to do. By simply knowing what size single servings of food typically are, you can control portions anytime, anywhere!